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In 1993, Executive Sous Chef Mark Crawford culminated an idea while working at the Pennsylvania, Convention Center in Philadelphia.  Chef Crawford was making his rounds in the main production kitchen with visiting chefs to assist in catering a major event. Chef Crawford was seeking the attention of a fellow chef when he suddenly poked his hand on the Chef’s paring knife located on his shoulder pocket. At this moment, the Chef Cutlery Holsters were born. Three years later, inventor Chef Crawford would go on to introduce the Chef Cutlery Holster product line to the foodservice industry, naming each holster after chef positions in the kitchen. The Working Chef Holster was specially designed to go anywhere a chef need to be, for that “Chef On The Go”!

WorkNChef’s philosophy is to provide affordable superior quality kitchen products for a fair and competitive price.  WorkNChef believe in two simple rules, “Keep it simple and functional”, which applies to the tools and products we select for our company product line.

WorkNChef represents the culinary tradesmen of the foodservice industry. Our focus is to provide personal and professional kitchen tools, equipment and resources to enhance the quality of life for those who work in all types of kitchens.

WorkNChef also represents the culinary professionals and enthusiasts who enjoy the passion of cooking, serving, pleasing family, friends through the love of food.

WorkNChef recognizes that the foodservice industry is high demanding and stressful.  In addition to tools and equipment, WorkNChef’s mission is to provide essential health and wellness products for all culinary enthusiasts to maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle.

We are excited about how will become a new venue for those culinary professionals who has the deepest passion for cooking and pleasing people.

We thank you for shopping with us and hope that you “Cook Up Something Nice Tonight” with

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